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The Flow audio cables

For many decades, cable manufacturers are experimenting with different constructions and materials which should have resulted in a more natural, better, attractive and undistorted sound.

Seldom if ever have manufacturers big or small returned to the basics: the ad random in time behavior of electrons in atoms when magnetism, eddy currents en reflections are induced by a varying current and voltage in any cable. To say it bluntly: there is no research into Quantum mechanics.

Year in, year out, high tech materials have been used as unique selling points for high-end music reproduction. For example Beryllium, Silver, Gold, Teflon, Mica, Mylar, Kevlar, etc., etc. are used in cable technology. The musical results are not maximized because the basics are forgotten. The main result of all their research and the use of expensive materials is State of the Art sales prices.

More then 20 years ago, Driade started research in digital designs followed by co-operation and developments which were based on the in-depth behavior of electrons over the whole frequency bandwidth.

Again, what differentiates Flow cable from the majority of other cables on the market is not focusing on the “high quality” conductor material, the geometry or the isolation but on researching how electrons actually behave in time within magnetic fields with the aim to minimize eddy currents and reflections as induced by the varying magnetic field by current and voltage.

We have consciously chosen to use pure copper as conductor material, wrapped in natural silk as covering, air as dielectric and synthetic rubber injected with metal particles as isolation.

The results are the Flow audio cables. As the name already says, the music flows uniformly, the sound stage has more depth and more space between the instruments. The bass and the mid-bass are more natural and defined and have better slam and attack. The total resolution and information retrieval are on a higher level and this without any grain, rough edges or harshness. The music simply flows.

A necessity in the development of our cables is a new design for our connectors. We are allergic to connectors with high mass because of eddy currents. Our connectors, for example, the Flow Copper G, have a minimal conducting mass and a maximum contact surface.

We much prefer bananas sonically, but upon request, 4 standard quality spades can be assembled on one side for a surcharge.

The cable cannot be delivered at custom lengths “off the reel” as the manufacturing and soldering is a special process that cannot be done without special equipment and proprietary knowledge.

In development:
Power cables and interlinks



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